Below are most of my frequently asked questions! Hopefully this will answer most questions /concerns. If you do have any further questions please click the "Lets Chat" Button and I will be in touch. 
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1. Do I Travel? 
ABSOLUTLY. One of my biggest inspirations, Devinsupertramp travels all over the world making amazing content and is a HUGE inspiration for what I do. My dream is to travel the world capturing stunning content. 
2. Do you only do weddings? 
NO- Weddings are currently my main job however I have experience in other areas and do sometimes take on other projects as well.
3. Do you offer Photography?
Yes! my Fiance is a photographer and we LOVE working together. If you already have a photographer booked NO WORRIES I love working with new people.
4. How long have you been in the industry? 
3 years(I started in 2019 incase I forget to update this section.)
5. how much equipment do you bring? 
Most wedding days I bring at least 3 cameras, a drone 4 LAV mics, a recorder to plug into speakers and much more!
6. How long will it take me to get my film back? 
Video editing can take a while! our turnaround time for the highlight film is 2-8 weeks. During busy season (generally May-October) it takes longer to edit due to the simple fact that each wedding film deserves a high amount of attention and we want the best quality possible!
7. How does pricing work? How much will I spend?
We customize our collections based on our clients needs so the collection we build will be perfect for YOU. The average 2023 Film investment ranges from $2500-3500 while the average 2023 Film investment will be $3500-4500, Even if this is above your price range feel free to reach out! We can work with a very flexible payment plan or help you find someone closer to your budget. 
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