Here we will take you from start to finish and show you every step along the way to completing your wedding film!

Step 1 The consultation/booking
To book your wedding we need to hear from you! fill out the "Let's chat" form and we will reach out as soon as possible! Make sure to provide as many details about your wedding day as possible. We want to know things like 1. How you met. 2. things unique to you and your wedding day 3. what you are looking for (Photo, video or both) 4. Your budget. 5. Please let us know if you are just looking around at different vendors or if you are set on us!
Once we have received the form we will Email, call or text you to schedule a free 1 hour zoom call so we can build a package that is right for you! Once we have agreed on a collection we will build a contract and payment plan. 
Step 2 Planning
Congratulations! you're booked! Now we wait until about 2 weeks out from your wedding day to setup a call to go over your schedule. During this call we will cover everything from the basic schedule to any small details you want captured to make sure nothing gets missed! 
Step 3 Your Big Day!
On your wedding day we will arrive at the time specified during our call the week(s) before. Obviously each wedding day is a little different however,  the general wedding day has three parts. Pre-ceremony, Ceremony and reception. Below we mention how we cover each part. 
During the Pre-ceremony we will arrive on site, meet the bride and wedding party. We prefer to get  some shots of the bride getting makeup on, talking/laughing with her bridesmaids. Often during this time we capture details such as Rings, Dress, Shoes  and any other details that may be important to you! Generally we slip out to capture a few drone shots as well as the groom getting ready with his groomsmen. Next up the bride gets into her dress then we film any first  looks using LAV mics on the Father of the Bride, Husband and any other first looks you decide on. If you do a first  look with your groom we LOVE getting couple shots after. Those shots are always a big part of every wedding film so the  more time to capture those the better!
The big part of your day! The ceremony. For all ceremonies we prefer to use a wireless LAV mic to capture audio from the groom, Officiant and Bride whenever possible. We are able to plug into most sound systems for backup audio and have a few extra mics incase there are any different speeches from family or for most catholic weddings we hide a mic on the stand to guarantee the best audio possible! We use a minimum of 3 cameras for the ceremony and can work in any size space with no compromise in camera quality.  
Cocktail Hour/Reception
You're married now. Congratulations! After the ceremony you will most likely be getting family photos. After that we try to squeeze in some time for more couple videos and photos. We work along-side your photographer to get you the best video and photos possible. During the reception we again use all our audio equipment to capture intros, speeches and anything else going on that may be important to you! Our audio systems will work with most Dj setups and will not interfere with their equipment. We will capture Intros, First dances, speeches and any other activities you may have. For dinner we expect to eat right after the wedding party is served so we can be ready for speeches. Once open dancing starts  we generally stay for any send-offs then head out after, it depends on your collection but we generally stay for sendoffs. 
Step 4 Editing
Now that we have your full wedding day captured all of your footage is backed up onto multiple hard-drives generally within 24 hours of you wedding day. We don't want to loose a single file and this step is very important to us as we can't refilm anything after your day is complete. 
Step 5 Delivery
After 2-8 Weeks we will schedule a zoom call to present your final wedding film to you and your spouse. We will offer you a few additional add-ons and say Thank you for having us at your wedding and wish you all the best!

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